A star in the sky

My grandpa was an incredible character. He was funny, always playing around with people, very respected and had lots of friends. On the other hand, he was very bold, though and did not tolerate lack of respect in any ways, at all. Arguing with him?! Huumm... I don't think so, in he's mind, he was … Continue reading A star in the sky

Happy Todlers

My grandmother has magical hands and a golden heart. She and my mother are the most strongest people I know. Besides being a wonderful cook, she always took care of people she did not know as if they were family. She welcomed them and gave them the little we had without hesitation or ulterior motives. … Continue reading Happy Todlers

School Memories

Me, my brother and cousin, used to walk miles just to go to school and shop with our grandmother in town, and for us it was a pleasure! Along the way we would play with each other, enjoying the nature around us. We used to jump into the puddles of water and do racing games … Continue reading School Memories

Girl that didn’t want to grow up

I remember my childhood perfectly. Normally we don't have memories of our first years of life, I agree! I do not remember being nine months inside my mother's womb and how I got out, but I do know that I was born on June 25, 1993 at 4:00 AM. I do not remember the first … Continue reading Girl that didn’t want to grow up

Where I am from

Its always a challenge for me to explain where I was born. Normally people don't know it because it's such a small island that it's hard to find it on the map. Sometimes it does not even appear. São Tomé and Príncipe, is a Portuguese speaking island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast … Continue reading Where I am from

Finding myself

Hello everyone and welcome to my world! I'm new here and i basically created this blog to help me express myself. I will be talking about where I am from, memories and experience's I had while growing up.   As i am very shy (only regarding my feelings), i don't speak much about them to … Continue reading Finding myself