Lost Friendships

I remember everything about my first day at Vila Lorena primary school and it did not go well as I would like, I confess! Minutes after my mother left me, she came back to pick me up. I would not stop throwing up, and after being checked by my teacher it was concluded that I … Continue reading Lost Friendships

I wish everything was different

In 2001, my mother called my grandmother and my cousin to live with us in Portugal. I cannot describe how happy i was to finally have our grandma by our side. During those two years my mother worked non-stop so she could bring them. She worked by day as nanny and by night as a … Continue reading I wish everything was different

Yes you can!

Success comes from wanting, from determination and persistence in reaching a goal. Even if you do not reach the target, those who seek and overcome obstacles will, at the very least, do wonderful things. "Courage is not the absence of fear; is persistence despite fear." By: José De Alenquer

16 Interesting facts about Portugal

I lived in Lisbon (Capital of Portugal), for over 13 years and have loads of fascinating facts about the charming country, wich I'm eager to share with you! Portugal is fascinating country with a proud history that can be felt all throughout the country - from its capital, down to each tiny, picturesque villages. Belém … Continue reading 16 Interesting facts about Portugal


Memories are all we end up with, it's our biggest treasure. No money, no luxuries, no material objects, but happy moments that we spend next to our loved ones. Moments that nobody can or will ever take from us. "Collect moments, Not things"

Beginning of a new journey

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at Lisbon aeroport, was that my mother had a car (laughs). On the way home I was amused looking at the streets and buildings, trough the car window. The houses were colorful and gigantic, the ground was made of tar, and not mud and there were more … Continue reading Beginning of a new journey

A star in the sky

My grandpa was an incredible character. He was funny, always playing around with people, very respected and had lots of friends. On the other hand, he was very bold, though and did not tolerate lack of respect in any ways, at all. Arguing with him?! Huumm... I don't think so, in he's mind, he was … Continue reading A star in the sky

School Memories

Me, my brother and cousin, used to walk miles just to go to school and shop with our grandmother in town, and for us it was a pleasure! Along the way we would play with each other, enjoying the nature around us. We used to jump into the puddles of water and do racing games … Continue reading School Memories

Girl that didn’t want to grow up

I remember my childhood perfectly. Normally we don't have memories of our first years of life, I agree! I do not remember being nine months inside my mother's womb and how I got out, but I do know that I was born on June 25, 1993 at 4:00 AM. I do not remember the first … Continue reading Girl that didn’t want to grow up

Where I am from

Its always a challenge for me to explain where I was born. Normally people don't know it because it's such a small island that it's hard to find it on the map. Sometimes it does not even appear. São Tomé and Príncipe, is a Portuguese speaking island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast … Continue reading Where I am from