About Me

I am
constant love and affection
I am complex, distracted, a dreamer, fickle and perhaps unpredictable.

I am
person from the inside out. My beauty is in my essence and in my character.

I am
all or nothing. I can not stand any terms. I’m silly, but I’m not stupid. Naive, but not holy.

I’m made of
Interrupted dreams, unnoticed details, unresolved loves, tears without reasons, people in the heart and impulsive acts.

I’m here
to live, to fall, to learn, to rise and to move on.
I’m this today …
Tomorrow, I reinvent myself.
Whenever life asks for a little more from me.

I have
had badly slept nights, lost loved ones and fulfilled things not promised.

I gave up without even trying, I thought of running away so I did not face and I smiled not to cry.

I feel sorry for
things I have not changed, friends I have not cultivated, those I judged and things that I said.

I miss
places I did not know, experiences I have not lived, people I met, memories that I’ve been forgetting and friends that I lost.