Lost Friendships


I remember everything about my first day at Vila Lorena primary school and it did not go well as I would like, I confess! Minutes after my mother left me, she came back to pick me up. I would not stop throwing up, and after being checked by my teacher it was concluded that I had a fever. They called my mother to pick me up and take me home or if it was possible to get me to the doctor. But when we got into her car I convinced her not to take me to the hospital because it would take forever, as usual! I asked her to take me home instead so i could rest and told her that I would feel better quick, and she agreed.

Funny that I felt very well on the day before and even when I got to school. I blame the enthusiasm, I really do! It was so much that made me sick, right on my first day of school! I know it does not make sense, but I don’t know what else could have caused that sudden fever. Thank God I felt better the next day and I was able to go to the second day, it was all I asked for.

“Pés De Vento, Olé Olé”

“Pés De Vento, Olé Olé”

The most important thing for me was the quick adaptation I experienced and having been received and treated like the others students, even speaking like a Russian by the way I used to exaggerate with the “R’s” (laughs). What I liked the most was the study visits to museums, parks, others cities, and beaches. I loved going to the beach, but I do not think I ever got close to the water for being so cold, I always kept playing with the sand. Even today, when I go, the water never crosses my knees! Beaches and sea were my favourite places to go and now I don’t even feel that excitement about it anymore, sad!

Also loved theater performances we did and physical education classes, especially gymnastic. I attended swimming classes offered by the school for 4 years and believe it or not, today I do not know how to swim! It’s embarrassing I know! Even on Saturdays I used to go to school, for the Catholic church organized every Saturday’s afternoon in one of the pavilions, and i frequented it for 7 years. I loved the fact that the drawings we made were all displayed on the walls of the school so that everyone could see our work. The canteen was huge and had enough tables for everyone to sit down and enjoy eating their lunch. And there was a wide variety of cakes, pastries, desserts and main courses from which we could choose. The only but, was the queue that was still a problem that I dealt with.

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