School Memories


Me, my brother and cousin, used to walk miles just to go to school and shop with our grandmother in town, and for us it was a pleasure!

Along the way we would play with each other, enjoying the nature around us. We used to jump into the puddles of water and do racing games to see who arrives first at the end of the street.

Upon arrival we would convince our grandmother to buy us our favorite candy. I do not remember the name anymore, but I know it was cone shaped and made with sugar syrup.



I remember, that before going to my elementary school I had to take my younger brother to the nursery, which was across the street.

In one class we were about 45 students. Imagine the teacher’s job to keep everything in order(laughs).

Not much! Besides the teachers being rigid, at that time we would get slapped in the hands with a wooden ruler, if we did not behave. With or without parental consent. That was a rule, but some of us were a bit more challenging.

I remember having taken it once or twice (laughs), once for having arrived late and another for not doing the homework, but in general we were a 5 star class.


My favorite part as a student was without a doubt the breaks.
We had so many fun games like:
– The middle game;
– Hopscotch that many know;
– 35 victory and many others. Outdoor games requiring strategy and physical skills.


At lunchtime we would all run to the queue to eat. The school food was based of several types of cornmeal porridge based like: Maizena and Mingau de fubá.

I can still remember the smell and taste of it. They were so delicious that when i remember it today, i start craving it desperately.

We were entitled to one full plate each, but it was not enough for me. I always ended up eating two (laughs).

In the late afternoon after school and getting my brother from the nursery, we used to go to the beach, wich was a short walking distance from there.

We would spend at least half an hour playing in the sand, before we headed home. For me, I could camp there and stay there all my life.

On our way home we would pass by the waterfall to get water, so we could bathe before dinner.


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