Finding myself


Hello everyone and welcome to my world! I’m new here and i basically created this blog to help me express myself. I will be talking about where I am from, memories and experience’s I had while growing up.  

As i am very shy (only regarding my feelings), i don’t speak much about them to anyone around me like my friends and family. I do try but struggle a lot, so I tend to keep everything that happens into my life for myself, and that’s not good at all for me, i know!

Most of the days i look happy, by smiling and making jokes, mostly about myself, but inside i feel I’m completely devastated. My head and body feels havy and tired each day that goes by. I feel that i need to speak with someone, about it to release the pressure, otherwise, one day I will explode!

So I thought, if I cannot express myself, talking to people why not try, and write? Yeah!! I’m very excited to give it a go. Hopefully this will help me overcoming this problem.
I invite you to check it out and if you feel connected in any way and liked what you readed, please comment and leave thumbs up. Enjoy your reading 🤗🙋😉👍🙏👊

9 thoughts on “Finding myself

    1. I think that to know who I am as a person I need to have some idea of who I was. My memories will be a pretty good guide of what I will do tomorrow and if i lose them, i lose a basic connection of who I am. I have much, much more to share. I’m definitely enjoying a lot this world.

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